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Trefoil Partners Limited (“Trefoil” or the “Company”) is a financing company with a Money Lenders license in Hong Kong, providing mortgage loans and other types of secured lending in Hong Kong.


World class level of service: Our team has previously worked at top tier investment banks, large real estate developers and Big 4 accountancies.


Courteous service: We understand obtaining financing can be a stressful experience and we will do our best to make a pleasant and quick experience for our borrowing clients


Confidential: Your loan and personal information will be kept absolutely confidential.



Seven working days: Assuming all the documents are in order, we can issue you a loan in as fast as 7 working days


Simple processing: We do not look at proof of income or stress test


Document assistance: Where possible, we will help you prepare the necessary documents

Reliable Partner

Certainty of closing: If the borrowing terms are in order and your loan is approved, the money will be in your bank account


Long term partnership: We want to be here for you anytime you are in need and we hope to build a long term relationship

Superior Capital

Large loan sizes are welcome: We are a well-funded lender and can handle any loan size, no matter how large


No restrictions on collateral type: As long as it is a Hong Kong domiciled property we can consider it security





Our clients utilize financing from Trefoil to handle a wide range of situations, such as: working capital for SMEs, investments, credit card repayment, property renovation, and many other cash & capital needs.


Trefoil is able to lend against a wide range of properties in Hong Kong, these include:

Private Residential

Home Ownership Scheme Units (premium paid)

Village Homes





We are also able to lend against certain types of non-property secured assets.


Trefoil does not impose any restrictions or limitation on the age of the property.


Our loan approval process is simple and straight forward. We at Trefoil understand the urgency of your financing needs. We can provide fast loan approval* as quick as 24 hours after submitting a complete application.


Trefoil will gladly refinance an existing mortgage you may have with another lender, potentially allowing our clients to have reduced debt payments and/or larger loan proceeds. Just bring your existing loan agreement and our professional team will work with you through the entire refinancing process.


We also welcome business referrals very much! If you know of any borrowers with assets to pledge, Trefoil will pay you a referral fee if the referred applicant's loan is successfully approved.


Call us at +852.3725.0300 or email us at info@trefoilpartners.com to inquire today!


*Preliminary approval, subject to title search or valuation, when required.



Documents Required:

Our team at Trefoil can start processing your loan application as soon as you submit the following*:

• HKID Copy;

• Contact Information (Home, Office & Mobile);

• Proof of Residential Address for Prior 3 Months;

• Property Address (if different from Residential Address);

• Company Information (if property is owned by a company);

• Business Registration Certificate Copy (if the property is owned by a company);

• TransUnion Credit Report.


If you have any questions about the required documents, please do not hesitate to contact us


*This represents a list of commonly required documents and is for reference only. As each case is unique, the required documentation may vary from client to client. Please contact us at +852.3725.0300 or at info@trefoilpartners.com for more information.


Application Process:

Quick Loan Approval Process

Trefoil understands the urgency of our clients and uses a quick and streamlined loan approval process to help our clients to overcome their challenges.

Our fast turnaround allows us to process your loan as quick as 7 working days* of application– This allows our clients to
solve their liquidity issues quickly.


*Indicative only, timing can vary depending on collateral and other borrower specific issues 



Trefoil welcome all business referrals.



Companies and individuals who refer clients to Trefoil will receive attractive referral fees when the referred applicant’s loan is approved*.



Client referrals by individuals, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and other service providers are warmly welcome and appreciated.



Whether individual or corporate, Trefoil will work with our partners who refer business to ensure compliance with regulatory filing requirements


*Subject to the fulfillment and compliance of all regulatory requirements.



We are standing by to serve your financing needs, you can apply by the following means:


Telephone: +852.3725.0300

Fax: +852.3725.0301

Customer Service Email: info@trefoilpartners.com


If you have any complaints concerning any of our products or services, please contact us at the following:


Telephone: +852.3725.0316

Email: complaint@trefoilpartners.com


Visit Our Office:

Suite 1502, NPAC, 10 North Point Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(junction of Java Road and North Point Road)

Money Lender Licence Number: 205/2017

Estate Agent Licence Number: C-071544

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Do not pay any intermediaries.

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